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Form is an exploration of a materially constrained sound source through the lens of the primary elements of formal order: unity, variety and harmony. The raw material in this series is created through a single generative engine comprised of eight identical oscillators. Throughout the album, this material is reconfigured using distinct compositional strategies involving varying degrees of control, freedom, chance and will.

Using specific timbral and temporal modalities, the series portrays its material origin in contrasting configurations. At the same time, the similarities between these modal variations are mirrored in isotopic halves that coalesce into a connected whole. In this sense, the work encourages a contemplation of its inbuilt formal relations by navigating a compound of opposing polarities towards an overall equilibrium, where unity and variety are constantly interchanged in a harmonious gestalt.

Form is the full-length album premiere by Wellington-based electronic musician mHz and will be released digitally and as a limited SD Card edition.

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“What I particularly liked about this that there are four pieces which can be seen as originals and then from each of these four, mHz created a remix of some sort, reshaping some of the elements, making it quite a different song altogether, and yet recognizable when compared to the original.”
Vital Weekly

“This is drone by frequency, bound by a sort of quasi, quantum mathematic scheme and its voluminous residual brightness. (…) The minimalism of mHz is striking and coded, slightly animated in terms of production style that comes off like hard-edged collage here and there.”