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Starting from the postulate that energy becomes form and form becomes energy, Current articulates — based on aesthetic rigor — the audible forms of electric current, seen as vital energy and the active principle of an artificial consciousness.

The analysis of sound phenomena from this perspective can be perceived as a source of meditation, which reflects a physical phenomenon on a philosophical field. Sonic details and structural artifacts are exposed to their own sonic value and examine — from a phenomenological perspective — the idea of flux, energy, artificial consciousness, self-direction and the capability of self-knowledge.

Current by Bucharest-based artist Syntax will be released digitally and as a limited SD Card edition.

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“As far as I can judge matters like that, this is not something could easily ‘dance’ too; it is more dance music for the brains. The bass sounds are well organised, but not stomp around on an all too strict 4/4 patterns. (…) People like Syntax work very much along the early lines set out by Alva Noto, Jan Jelinek, Ryoji Ikeda or even Pole, but his approach is slightly more playful and lighter, most of the times, with some nasty bumps in ‘Dipole’ or ‘Vector’.”
Vital Weekly

“Sometimes, less is more. Sometimes, less is genuinely less. The latest release from Syntax is sparse, impersonal, and keenly pursues the angle of ‘less’.”
Aural Aggravation

Current is the new album by the Bucharest-based artist, the track titles of which make their theme more than apparent. Titles such as ‘Volt’, ‘Phase’ and ‘Ohm’ wear their hearts firmly on their sleeves: this is electronic music about electricity itself.”