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Because clicking is so 90s challenges user interaction online: It is the first website which can be controlled only with motion and voice. The goal of this web application is to avoid the use of keyboard and / or mouse — in fact inadequate bridges for true HMI (man communication = machine communication) — to introduce an alternative way for navigation with native human methods such as gestures, motion and voice. Of course, not all previous navigation methods can be adapted one-to-one or even applied at all. For this reason, this work evaluates and suggests a new type for navigation with adapted movement, voice and operating concepts and a further developed user experience.

These advanced options with the so called audio-visual navigation are exemplary presented with a portfolio website. Beside contents for presenting and interacting with media assets, there are also special applications like an interactive music instrument (the so-called Play) or an intuitively rotatable and zoomable 3D object. Thus, this project creates a new awareness for alternative navigation methods, it also provides meaningful, elegant and exploratory applications.

Because clicking is so 90s is the soundtrack for the motion- and voice controlled web application



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