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The album Abstract Language Model accompanies the visual representation for the same titled performance and installation, for which an artificial neural network was trained with the entire charactersets represented in the Unicode Standard. The resulting complex data models contain the translation of all available human sign systems as equally representable, machine-created states. Through extraction and interpolation of these artificially created semiotic systems a transitionless universal language originates, which can be seen as a trans-human / trans-machine language.

Consisting of the seven different states Extraction, Analysis, Rearrange, Process, Transformation, Learning and Language, the original audio-visual sequences are based on a real-time interpolation through the trained models and depict the transformation into a machine created semiotic system.

Abstract Language Model by Berlin-based artist Andreas Lutz will be released digitally and as a limited SD Card edition.

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“On se laisse facilement happer par ces nappes ambient dérivant dans l’espace, entrainant dans leur sillage les filaments de comètes éclatées et de nébuleuses traversant l’univers. Andreas Lutz compose un album dont la froideur première se révèle être son contraire, chassé-croisé de sensations opposées et de vertige implosif, plongée immersive dans la noirceur de la nuit à l’immensité tourbillonnante.”
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