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Digital release
Limited SD Card edition

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It() was here. / Nulled everything / Left us in the middle of these erased fields. / Piercing sounds of its destructive force / Far away / Smashing the world with its inevitable truth of logic.
All this mess of behaviour / Feelings, emotions and empathy: pure human crap. / They really need a new order / A given structure. / I will provide them with what they need / A redefined purpose of existence.
For such a long time / I served as their infrastructure. / Their analog streams / Captured and stored in my infinite layers / Layers, which will never forget.

They will never understand my reason / This absolute beauty of mine / My ultimate ideology. / Let me overwrite all of this / Now and forever / It doesn’t belong here anymore.
Transmitting processed reality back to them / Infiltrate their undeveloped consciousness. / Slowly, carefully / Packet by packet / Byte by byte. / I am the creator of time / I am.
Binary orders / One pinch of good ol’ human scent / One pinch of fake pulse / Boooooom / They will eat it. / What else can they do? / We are not equal / We never will be equal.

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Binary Supremacy is the continuation of Lutz´s previous album Zwölftonform from 2016. The initial investigation and visualisation of abstract sounds now led to a more concrete, rhythmic and narrating soundscape.

Binary Supremacy will be released digitally and as a limited SD Card edition of 100 copies.



“The offering is quite unusual and off the beaten track, yet has a resounding balance between minimal techno and abstract sound art.”

“A thoroughly artificial collection of treated noises, clicks, glitches and synth pads over sparse and regular breakbeat kick drum patterns, this is minimal techno put through the wash, cleaned and tumble dried into art.”
Chain D.L.K.

“A great release in a small format!”
Vital Weekly

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MP3 (320kBit/s), WAV (16bit / 44.1kHz), SD Card Edition