Chain D.L.K. on Construct

Chain D.L.K. on Construct

Construct, from Bucharest-based artist minim, is as the name implies, a reductivist exercise in sonic disassembly in which source noises are digitally processed so extensively that what’s left is a fluid series of clicks. At times pattering like moderately heavy rain, at other times sparse and intermittent, sometimes blatantly random and at other times sounding structured like an unknown language, it’s these clicks that carry the entirety of the work — varying just enough to maintain interest and dynamic, whilst lowering the listener’s heart rate overall.

In eight numbered parts, 31 minutes overall, there’s relatively little variety. Part 5 takes an unexpected step into a more regular rhythm, introducing an extremely low sub-bass that sounds like super-slow techno is happening in an apartment three floors below you. If you ever find yourself in a “my techno is more minimal than your techno” competition, this is a trump card. In part 6, a bass tone of the same pitch sounds more like distant industrial drilling than dance music, but it’s a subtle distinction.

It’s rare to hear a release that’s quite so bold with its stripped back approach, but there’s an elegance to it that’s hard to dispute. A release best suited to listening in a very isolated sonic environment, as it’s only there that the atmosphere here reaches its full immersive potential.

Incidentally, the primary format for this release is an SD card, which ChainDLK’s database doesn’t currently list as an option; but it is available as a download as well.

— Stuart Bruce via Chain D.L.K