Toneshift on <em>Construct</em>

Toneshift on Construct

This is the debut by Romanian minimalist Diana Dulgheru known here simply as minim. Over eight numbered tracks she delivers a pulse-infused celebration of microsound that picks up the mantle in the wake of Chain Reaction and the more recent Raster-Noton split. Construct is pure electronics that tickle the ear, keeping the tonal relationships ambiguous and the static play rocking back-n-forth.

This is a moderated apotheosis of the mutated psyche, one step removed. Though it holds close to its chest with intense restraint, its techno at its max minimal. The clean, sharp notes loop, and slowly stumble and overlap, and come apart, double and stutter on 5. The shifts are gradual, until the next track where the elongated pulse-width is toyed with from nearly the start, making the entire pitter-patter beats more intensified, more queasy. She executes a range of unplugged frequencies that could easily become clinical by fluttering beats and other effects with timed sonic bursts.

minim creates a calculated collection of compositions that somehow, despite it’s sparse structures, comes off rather warm (and a bit psychedelic) rather than strictly mathematical.

— TJ Norris via Toneshift